Take the Emotion Out of it....

We have all had that internal conversation with ourselves. Was she/he rude or just being direct? Am I just overly sensitive?  I'm not by any respect a lover of fluff I prefer honest communication over airy fairy any day. Sometimes though questionable directness is, in fact, a sure sign you may be dealing with Machiavelliansim in the workplace. 

But how can we be sure?

  • Do they rarely if at all demonstrate humility?

  • Do they prefer to be feared rather than loved? 

  • Do they hold back on important information just for the sake of it? 

  • Are their moral principles questionable? Will they do whatever it takes to grasp or retain power? Having morals is seen as a weakness. 

  • They subtly find ways to discredit others, especially to management.

  • Are they the source of false rumours about others in your office?

If the above was answered with an astounding YES. Here are some tips on how not to get caught up in the game.

  • Choose your attitude - you now know what you’re dealing with and knowledge is power. 

  • Ask yourself what is the truth of the situation? What is their objective? 

  • Identify your options - Don't make knee jerk reactions

  • Take the emotion out of it. Can you identify what the consequences might be for each option you may take? 

  • Make a conscious choice on what you intend to do or not do. Take your time and don’t react out of anger.

  • Be aware that they are experts in control and manipulation. They are impressively cunning and will manipulate your feelings to achieve their selfish ends. 

Machiavellian's believe the ends justify the means. My overall advice don't fight side swerve and get out the ring!

nicole ptolomey